Refereed Book Chapters

“Seeking Significance: A Design Process Research Methodology”
The Digital Designer: 101 Graphic Design Projects for Print, Web, Multimedia and Motion Graphics

Stephen Pite, Delmar Learning, 2003, p. xxv-xxxiii

Refereed Publications

“Revision the Future of Design: SEED® calls for a public interest design movement”
To be published in the 2012 conference proceedings from the Denver Cumulus international design conference (Sept 29 – Oct 2, 2011)

“Defining a movement: The imperative for social justice, economic development and environmental conservation in the classroom and beyond” (coauthor Bryan Bell)
Batture: The Louisiana State University School of Architecture Journal
Reciprocity, Volume 6, 2010, p. 20-27

“Distance versus Locational Learning: Participatory design practices that serve underserved people, places and problems”
GLIDE 2008
Conference Proceedings, Global Interaction in Design Education, October 22, 2008
Rensselaer School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Untitled Essay
The means by which we find our way: Observations on design

Ramp Press, Wintec (Waikato Institute of Technology)
First edition, October 2, 2008, p. 17

“We Love our Lawn: Identity, Representation, and Communication in the Green”
Journal of the Mid-Atlantic American and Popular Culture Association
Mid-Atlantic Almanack
Volume 14, 2005, p. 47-60

“Social Intercourse: A Community-Based Design Initiative [site, history, response],” 2003

“Making Meaning: Addressing Interaction and Personal
Understanding in Interpretation”
, Number 5, 1998, p. 134-141

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