culture/language/dialogue is an enterprise devoted to inspiring, informing and educating diverse audiences. Design is the glue that binds content to innovative outcomes, which speak clearly, accurately and eloquently of your project goals and objectives. In turn your audiences are impacted by this direct visual communication. Design extends the relevancy of your products and services beyond the defined borders of your business and enhances the communication between your business and your audience or customer-base, bringing business strategy full circle.

With over 20 years of experience working for clients from a variety of sectors, spanning health care to transportation, start-ups and non-profit organizations, my number one goal has been to understand the needs of the design problem and develop solutions to meet these variables while anticipating future needs. Transforming your problem into a design solution that reveals insight and innovation is a challenge I thrive on. I have succeeded at meeting this challenge with clients both large and small, from Fortune 500 to start-ups and grass-roots innovators. The budgets change and the scope of work is always different, but the challenge remains the same: Motivate understanding through design.

Core competencies include:

• Design for development
• Issue-based analysis
• Strategy and asset analysis
• Core competency analysis
• Narrative development
• Design mediation and/or facilitation
• Brand development
• Naming
• Community engagement
• Project outcome evaluation
• Design research

Typical design projects can include:

• Design facilitation
• Service design
• Systems design
• Exhibitions and space development
• Packaging
• Website design
• User interface
• Print and interactive systems development
• Project management
• Brand development
• Community /  client workshops

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