I am a Professor and Coordinator of the BFA in Communication Design program at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, where I have been teaching since the year 2000. I came to teaching through my 1991 BFA in Communication Design at Virginia Commonwealth University where my Professor, Philip Meggs, inspired me to make a contribution to design through teaching and research. In 1995 I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) with an MFA in Graphic Design. RISD proved my passion for teaching was significant and it is from this point that I began devoting myself to design education and evolving my practice.

Over the years I have taught design coursework at the University of New Mexico and the Rhode Island School of Design. From 2011 – 2013 I have contributed to the Public Interest Design Training Program through the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Office of Executive Education. My pedagogical specialty is centered on community-based design directed towards marginalized audiences. Through this filter, I strive to engage students and communities in the challenges of designing for diverse audiences not traditionally served by design. While I have taught coursework across the curriculum, my emphasis on design that addresses underserved people, places and problems has allowed my research to support related inquiry in the classroom. It is through the combination of design teaching, research and practice that I am able to bring relevance and a timely awareness of the culture of design and all its possibilities to my students.

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